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The forensics report that authenticates the age of Mary's 1939 handwritten copy of Footprints
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Kaye B
United Kingdom
received: May 25, 2012
Suffering with depression and at a all time low I was recieving therapy from a Reverand, He recited this beautiful poem/story to me and I dont know why but it meant so much to me, I love it, so much so that today for the first time in my 42 years of life i have been and had footprint tattoos on my foot, and it was well worth the pain!

Mary S
Southfield, NB, Canada
received: May 19, 2012
My real mother gave me this poem in 1984. I was in my teens and going through some teenage crisis. The poem moved me and it had always remained my favorite. Throughout life other people have given it to me(on the front of a journal, a bookmark) and it was just recited last month at my step daughters baptism which moved me to tears. This past week, I was at work. I was online researching for my job. I decided to google my name to see what came up. This is my married name as of June of last year. And there was Footprints in the Sand. I have always seen the poem with author unknown. Fate? I think so. I think God works in amazing ways. Now to find the poem with her name on it and have it framed. I am honored to have her name :)

Sara M
Pittsburgh PA
received: May 6, 2012
I had a really tough childhood, abusive alcoholic mom, no dad, and three brothers and sisters to maintain responsibility for. My mom had lots of bf's and we moved alot, but the one constant in every dining room in every home was the footprints poem, in a beautiful frame. I read it so many times, I have it memorized. I got older, im 24 now, and obvioulsy left home. Now Im getting out of a four year relationship, having to make big big moves out of my house, leave my job, and PA. All I can think about is this poem, every day. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that the power behind this poem emelates through the words, and that last verse is so amazing to me. I am getting the last sentence tattooed on my wrist for a constant reminder that I am really not alone. And I can survive it. I can survive anything. Thank God for Mary Stevenson and this poem. She had touched my heart in such a big way, and given me hope when I didnt have any. I am forever greatful.

Joe K
Junction City, Kansas (USA)
received: April 25, 2012
"Footprints In The Sand" is a truly great and inspiring poem. I certainly do not mean any disrespect, but there was a time in my life when I felt that poem was written for me. Today, I am not so sure because when I look back over my entire life, all I see is one set of footprints. The other set I used to think I saw is gone now, and the ones that remain are not mine. The Lord is my shepherd and all those times I thought I was going my own way, directing my own path, even then, he was my shepherd. There is only one set of footprints that I can see now. The footprints I thought were my own have been washed out of the sand by time and the only remaining set of footprints were made by Him who carried me all the way, from the start, until today, and when I look ahead, I can see them there, too.

Arnold N
Tulsa Ok
received: April 22, 2012
Many years ago I was given a cross when I visited a church a friend went to. I put a string on it and wore it around my neck for a couple of years. I lost it one day when I was moving from my house back to an apartment. I looked everywhere for it. Finally I gave up I started looking on the internet for another one. After about a week I found a cross with a pray of footprints on it. I always loved the poem "Footprints in the sand" so I bought it. I can't tell you how many people have commented on my cross, everyone loves it and they all say something about the footprints on it.. I almost lost it 3 or 4 times but God showed me where it was. Now I have it on a nice chain. Their is not much chance of loosing it now. I rub my fingers overs the footprints several times a day. It is really a comfort, It reinforces the fact that I know God is nearby watching over me.
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